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No, I'm still here.

FYI, I'm not dead, just busy, and when I'm not busy I'm playing WOW to drown my sorrows in PVP. I'm working on a series of posts about where I am now (I'll try not to be too whiny, I promise). Until then.
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Remember that time I was doomed?

  Hey, it's me. I'm still alive. I've been working on a new, more professional writing blog... at which point this journal will probably go all friends-only (it mostly is anyway these days).

  Not much up with me, besides what I've been writing about under the ol' f-lock. Feeling pretty depressed about jobs in general. For various reasons, I've had to go back on the market. I've got not enough skill and useless degrees. I wish I could go back in time and warn my high school self about what a bum I would become in the future.


  But I've got a really sweet, fluffy cat, so everything is okay. Pretty much.
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An Issue of Allegiance

  Oh snap. Jinx WOW hoodies are back on sale, and I really want one. :x But Alliance or Horde? I definitely mostly play Alliance now, but that's only because that's where the majority of my buddies are. I'm still a Horde girl at heart and the HORDE ONE LOOKS SO MUCH COOLER.



By the time I decide, they'll be out of stock again. PROBLEM SOLVED LOL.
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Where I've been!

  Life has been intense these past few weeks. I feel like it's been almost nonstop, and when I do have a period of time when nothing is happening, I'm playing to-do list catchup with all the stuff I haven't done (mostly cleaning!). Here's how my life has looked the past few weeks:

April 16-17: Lady Gaga concert in Tampa, FL (overnight stay)
April 23-24: Helped our friend Jose propose to his girlfriend in Gainesville, FL (overnight stay)
May 9-12: Nuts crazy week at work.
May 14-15: Friends' wedding in St Augustine, FL (overnight stay)
May 27: Keith and I celebrate our 4 year anniv. & my bday (both actually on Apr 2, but his neck was kinda broken at the time, so). Going out to Roy's in Orlando and then to Downtown.
May 28-30: Krysti comes to visit! Lots of adventures planned.
June 2-6: Visiting friends in the Keys, FL. Gone for the whole weekend.

  On top of all this I've been given more hours at work in the hopes that, if the bigwigs see I am working 34 hours a week, they can justify giving me 2 more and making me full time. And on top of all that, because they moved us down to Melbourne, I get to spend two hours of my day driving back and forth to work (as opposed to the 20-30 min round trip it used to take). It's also summer ( = mowing the lawn once a week) and lovebug season ( = washing my car EVERY DAY after work). I'm also trying to squeeze in exercising and not completely ignore my boyfriend. A lot of things have suffered, including said exercising and boyfriend time, as well as WOW time and time for reading (I miss reading D':).

  I'm very much a person who likes to hibernate in her room on the computer, so this has all been pretty stressful to me, even though most of the things we've been doing have been fun. I'm looking forward to the next two weekends a lot, but I'm also looking forward to hopefully having a bunch of chill weekends ahead of me after that!

  Anyway, I'm off to grilled salmon and scheduled boyfriend time... then work tomorrow. But then KRYSTI NEXT WEEKEND YAY! :D
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Why am I so terrible at this?

  So like... lately I've been wanting to play games. Other than WOW. The thing is, I barely have enough time for WOW. I've never really had enough time to play more than one game, and I usually have one "big" game monopolizing my time and interest (my phases were Baldur's Gate II, The Sims, Guild Wars, and now WOW). It's been forever since I just sat down at a console and played a game, even though I've owned quite a few (Gamecube, PS1, PS2, Wii, PSP, DS, now I have a PS3... my Sega Genesis was the only one that ever got frequent use as it out during the Days Before Internet). Seriously, my PS2 got the most use as a DVD player and now I jokingly (but it's the truth) call my PS3 "The Netflix Machine." I've asked for games -- new and current at the time for Christmas, and then never had the time to actually play them. I own a ton of games I've never touched (you all are going to laugh when you see my list). On top of that, I live with a Game Stop manager, so there are a lot of really awesome games lying around our house.

  Point of this post is, I need to play games. After talking with my friend Krysti, who said "I need to finish FFVII," and I was like, "Heh, me too, I never got out of Midgar," I thought, Hey, we should play the game "together" kinda (we live on opposite sides of the state). Like set a goal for each week, so that we are essentially playing the game at the same time and are experiencing the same things. And if I make it really easy on us, like "get to x point by the end of the week," we won't get all stressed out since we both, you know, work and stuff.

  So I was thinking, I should apply this to other games that I need to play. Look up the levels online, for games that have them, or give myself a set number of hours to play for, for RPGs, and set out a schedule. True, I would get through the games slowly, but that's better than never getting through them at all.

  Seriously, I don't know how people have the time to play games. True, most of my free time is occupied with WOW (and cleaning, and personal projects), but I know people who work, play WOW, do social stuff, and still have the time to play every game ever. You can see how bad things are by looking at my list, which follows:

Collapse )

As you can see... quite a list of shame. Seriously, how do other people play video games!?

As always, I love recommendations, but you can see what happens when I'm recced games. They go on the list of shame. Feel free to tell me I should be playing something, but obviously I make no promises that I will ever play it. :P

And yes, I also have a book version of the list of shame. There are many lists of shame in my life.
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Poor neglected journal!

  I have been a busy bee lately! I really wish I had the time to sit down and write about all I've been up to. I definitely need to. I keep thinking "no one wants to read random crap about stuff I've been doing," but then I remember I do save my journal entries to my hard drive, and they're for me to remember later on down the road. I need to write this stuff down so I can keep the memories.

  Making myself a list to remember what I need to write about, working my way back:

  • 4/23/11 - Gainesville
  • 4/16/11 - Lady Gaga Concert in Tampa
  • Thoughts on WOW; guild love
  • New job
  • Reflections on old job
  • Did I ever write about the house?
  • Did I ever write about Hobbes?

  I feel like I'm forgetting something, but I'll add as I remember. Hopefully after May gets over my life will calm down a little!

  I need to retag my journal, too. :x
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So what's this about a series of tubes?

  Sup LJ buds. Anyone have Twitter or Tumblr? I'm trying to get up to speed on the internets. Somehow I got behind like some sort of old fuddy-duddy.

  My Twitter is thatalbatross and Tumblr is that-albatross.

  Nothing on either yet. Still need to learn to use them. Man this is making me feel old. IN MY DAY WE HAD REAL WEBPAGES.
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Where is "FFFFFFFFF" guy gif when you need it?

  I am constantly refreshing my flist on LJ because I'm watching some majorly big communities (customers_suck, wow_ladies), so I tend to miss cool things if I don't make an effort to keep up. As such, I have LJ set as my homepage. This is me an LJ every time I turn my computer on:

1. Open internet browser. LJ says I am logged in! Hooray!
2. Click username, go to my entries page. Well, I see my locked posts, must still be logged in.
3. Click on my userinfo again just to make sure it says I'm still logged in. It does...
4. Okay, back to entries page and then on to my flist. Am I still logged in? Open userinfo in a new tab just to make sure. Okay, it says I am.
5. Read first page of flist. Move on to 2nd page.
6. See "This page contains content which may not be suitable for minors."
7. Put fist through wall.

Logs me out. EVERY. TIME. And a lot of times (like this morning!) I have opened up cut posts in a new tab, and don't realize until it's too late that it's directed me to the whole "you must log in to view this page" bullshit.

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okay, I give up -- ignorance revealed

  Can someone please tell me what exactly Tumbler is? WHAT IS IT. I DON'T GET IT. Do I want it? I DON'T KNOW. It's like LiveJournal but you post images? But I can already do that on LiveJournal? Someone please tell me what the fuck. :/

  When did I get all behind the times like an old lady?

  Also, unrelated but this song freaking OWNS, if you haven't heard it already: