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YTMND Master List

  This is for my own benefit. Rather than searching when I want to show someone one of my favorite YTMNDs, I just spent a few hours creating a big list of them all. I'm sure I'm missing some, and I'll see more in the future that I want to add, so this list will be edited a lot. Going into my memories.

THE GRAND LIST OF FAVORITE YTMNDS... for future referrence.

Last updated 8-7-07

Remember that a lot of the older YTMNDs (those that don't pre-load) won't sync up unless you wait till both the sound and image load and then refresh.


Bill Cosby MEGA RAVE
Cosby Bebop
Cosby Continues
Everysing isa Muzics!
Gary Oldman Feels Fabulous
Hobo-Cruise vs. Mario
Hobo-Cruise, Incoming!!
If Only Paris Had a Brain
Paris Hilton Doesn't Change Facial Expressions
Tom Cruise Kills Oprah!


Conan... Summons a Fire Spirit!
Conan is... OH MY GOD!
Conan is... a Sarlaac!
Conan is... THE ONE!
Conan is... Tiger Handheld
Conan vs. Chuck Norris
Conan Enslaves Finland
Conan Influences Prehistoric Man (Prologue to Future Conan)
Conan in the Age of Enlightenment
FutureConan is Defeated!
FutureConan Part 3
FuturamaConan is also defeated!

Star Trek

Can't Break Scotty's Stride
Data is NOT having a wonderful time!
Epic Geordi Manuever
Epic Geordi Manuever: Generations
Semi-Epic Picard Manuever
Holodeck Road
Khan Finds Waldo
Lore Screwin' with Geordi
No Porn for Riker
Nothing Scares Worf
Picard Actually Erased from History!
Picard Gets Down
Picard Puts Riker in His Place!
Picard Song
Picard Soothes the Savage Beast!
President Lincoln in Space
Riker Has No Class
Shatner is Kirk!
Spock Invokes Satan
When Picard Attacks

Star Wars

Anakin's Favorite Instrument
A Quiet Life without Traps
Chewbacca Sings!
Emperor Palpatine Won't Take His Medicine
Galaxy-Wide Force Jump
Han Knows the Code
Han Solo is in Denial
Holy Crap, a Lightsaber!
How to Make Any Movie Better
Imperial Elevator Corp. Fails at Life
Imperial Shore Leave
Little Boy from Tatooine
NOOOller Coaster
PowerPoint: Death Star Attack
Star Wars Trench HAX
Vader on Wheel of Fortune

Age 9

How I Did an Epic Manuever: by Michael, age 9
How I did get taken by robots!! (by Vinny, age 9)
how i did killed the fat lady on tv by tommy age 9
how i did not guaranteed safeness by jeff age 9

Everything NES

Attacked by Snakes
It's Easy to 8-bit a Cake
Lego NES Games
MacGyver for NES
Our NES is an Awesome NES


A Wild River Appears!
Emo Video Game - Oregon Trail
Guild Wars is Serious Business
Guild Wars Moskau
Guild Wars Limit
Metal Gear Solid Presents: The Cardboard Box
N*gg* Stole My Unicorn!
Oh it's a snake!


Gman is Having an 8-bit Time
Gman is Having a Wonderful Chair Race
Gman is NOT Having a Wonderful Rave
Gman is NOT Having a Wonderful Time
Gman is the Office Ninja!
Gman Sees So Much Beauty
Gmod Farside Cartoons


LOL, Dysentery
LOL, Executor
LOL, Pilot
LOL, Pilot: Special Edition
LOL, Rebels
LOL, Red Ranger

What is...

... A-Ha?
... Hoth?
... love?
... NES love?
... Tiger?
... TNG?

YTMND Fad Crossovers

Conan Fucks Up Vader
Geordi Escapes YTMND Fad Status!
Goblin King Grants Milton a Stapler
I believe you have my A-Ha?
Khan's Spoiler
Mario Kart's Greatest Challenge
McFly Stole Future-Conan's Butterfinger
Muppet Sean Connery Teaches Typing
Neo Avoids Lumbergh
N*gg* Stole My Speeder Bike!
Obi-Wan finds out about ualuealuealeuale
Picard Ends Batman
The Prince is Behind
The Ultimate Suffering
Yoda Gives Anakin Advice

YTMND Fad Compilations

2001: YTMND Odyssey
Alternate Endings to "Death and the Captain"
Cheers to YTMND!
Every. YTMND. Fad. Ever
My Trip to YTMNDland
Right Now It's YTMND
Runaway YTMND
South Park YTMND
The War for YTMND
Willy Wonka's Acid Trip
Wizard of YTMND
YTMND Inferno!
YTMND School Supplies
YTMND Sings in Perfect Harmony (v.3)
YTMND: The Children's Books

Semi-Serious Stuff

Ant Stops to Think
A Tiny Glimpse
His Spirit Lives On
New Size of Our World
The 20th Century


Agent Smith Wants Ice Cream
All Your Base - Calvin & Hobbes
Anchorman VICTORY!!!!111one
A Phallic Glimpse
Appliance Direct Addresses Congress
Asian Girl Bodyslams Thief
Bill Nye the Science Guy
Butt Racing Grand Prix
Dawning of a New Age
Dennis Nedry Steals & Submits Crap
Final Fantasy AC: BEEOOOO
Fonzie Sees His Future... and It's Cool
Hollaback is Ungodly!
Holy shit it's a dinosaur! WTF?
Jim has an Unusual Pencil
LED Lights FTW
Life Before YTMND
Lock the Taskbah!
Let's Learn Estonian!
Manbearpig is VERY real!
Move Bitch!
Mr.T Shows Us How It's Done!
OMG, Secret Nazi Forest!!
Rude and Reno Own AC
Sounds of the Insane Forest
SS Hammer
Tenacious D, Demon Exterminator
The Future Dance
The King Tests Our Loyalty
Things are Looking Bad for Indiana Jones
Tighten up the Grafix??
Tom Hanks Finds the New Harry Potter Book
Tubular! Radical! Awesome!
Up up and... wtfomg??
Waldo Found Me
We're artists now.
You Question the Cake?

Yet to be Organized, 'Cause I'm Lazy

Fonz Moskau
It Specifically Says NO SWIMMING!
Leo Wants a PS3
Monorail Cat
Teletubbies Dance to Apache
The Messiah Returns
Rest of Butterscotch Commercial
Snoop Dogg's Dreamland
Whoever Has the Most Points? O RLY?
Wonka Breaks It Down
Christopher Walken Reads The Raven
Dramatic Potato Chip Eating
Greek MythologYTMND
Chuck Norris Hates Anime
Arnold Shares His Deepest Feelings
If video games were real...
Steve McQueen Realizes He's a YTMND
NEDM Kills Robert Muldoon
Zoolander is Happy!
Picard Turbolifts to the Wrong Deck
Red Leader, You Sound Dead!
Dodgson (Fun Times Mix)
Alizee Likes the Bloodhound Gang
Vader is NOT the Father
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