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Where is "FFFFFFFFF" guy gif when you need it?

  I am constantly refreshing my flist on LJ because I'm watching some majorly big communities (customers_suck, wow_ladies), so I tend to miss cool things if I don't make an effort to keep up. As such, I have LJ set as my homepage. This is me an LJ every time I turn my computer on:

1. Open internet browser. LJ says I am logged in! Hooray!
2. Click username, go to my entries page. Well, I see my locked posts, must still be logged in.
3. Click on my userinfo again just to make sure it says I'm still logged in. It does...
4. Okay, back to entries page and then on to my flist. Am I still logged in? Open userinfo in a new tab just to make sure. Okay, it says I am.
5. Read first page of flist. Move on to 2nd page.
6. See "This page contains content which may not be suitable for minors."
7. Put fist through wall.

Logs me out. EVERY. TIME. And a lot of times (like this morning!) I have opened up cut posts in a new tab, and don't realize until it's too late that it's directed me to the whole "you must log in to view this page" bullshit.

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