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Poor neglected journal!

  I have been a busy bee lately! I really wish I had the time to sit down and write about all I've been up to. I definitely need to. I keep thinking "no one wants to read random crap about stuff I've been doing," but then I remember I do save my journal entries to my hard drive, and they're for me to remember later on down the road. I need to write this stuff down so I can keep the memories.

  Making myself a list to remember what I need to write about, working my way back:

  • 4/23/11 - Gainesville
  • 4/16/11 - Lady Gaga Concert in Tampa
  • Thoughts on WOW; guild love
  • New job
  • Reflections on old job
  • Did I ever write about the house?
  • Did I ever write about Hobbes?

  I feel like I'm forgetting something, but I'll add as I remember. Hopefully after May gets over my life will calm down a little!

  I need to retag my journal, too. :x
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