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Where I've been!

  Life has been intense these past few weeks. I feel like it's been almost nonstop, and when I do have a period of time when nothing is happening, I'm playing to-do list catchup with all the stuff I haven't done (mostly cleaning!). Here's how my life has looked the past few weeks:

April 16-17: Lady Gaga concert in Tampa, FL (overnight stay)
April 23-24: Helped our friend Jose propose to his girlfriend in Gainesville, FL (overnight stay)
May 9-12: Nuts crazy week at work.
May 14-15: Friends' wedding in St Augustine, FL (overnight stay)
May 27: Keith and I celebrate our 4 year anniv. & my bday (both actually on Apr 2, but his neck was kinda broken at the time, so). Going out to Roy's in Orlando and then to Downtown.
May 28-30: Krysti comes to visit! Lots of adventures planned.
June 2-6: Visiting friends in the Keys, FL. Gone for the whole weekend.

  On top of all this I've been given more hours at work in the hopes that, if the bigwigs see I am working 34 hours a week, they can justify giving me 2 more and making me full time. And on top of all that, because they moved us down to Melbourne, I get to spend two hours of my day driving back and forth to work (as opposed to the 20-30 min round trip it used to take). It's also summer ( = mowing the lawn once a week) and lovebug season ( = washing my car EVERY DAY after work). I'm also trying to squeeze in exercising and not completely ignore my boyfriend. A lot of things have suffered, including said exercising and boyfriend time, as well as WOW time and time for reading (I miss reading D':).

  I'm very much a person who likes to hibernate in her room on the computer, so this has all been pretty stressful to me, even though most of the things we've been doing have been fun. I'm looking forward to the next two weekends a lot, but I'm also looking forward to hopefully having a bunch of chill weekends ahead of me after that!

  Anyway, I'm off to grilled salmon and scheduled boyfriend time... then work tomorrow. But then KRYSTI NEXT WEEKEND YAY! :D
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