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I lost the internet.

  I've been going through my old links, not only to clean out broken ones and reorganize the complete mess that my bookmarks have become, but also to get ideas for breathing new life into my old, stagnant webpage.

... what happened to the internet!?

  I was right there at the beginning of the webpage boom, when we were all rushing to get the latest sweet-ass animated gif rainbow horizontal bars. We stole mercilessly from each other's sites and no one cared, because everyone's shit had been stolen from elsewhere. Then people started to make more graphics-heavy websites, and everyone else pushed to keep up, to have the prettiest and most graphics-heavy website. It didn't matter how clunky or annoying your website was BECAUSE of the DHTML scrollers (who remembers those awful things?) or the itty bitty tiny iframe of text you allowed us to view amongst the giant wall of graphics, because, dammit, you were cool because you could do it. Then, right towards the end of highschool, came the fanlistings boom. Everyone's websites were amazingly beautiful, and, while graphics-intense, started to become more streamlined and user-friendly. This, I suppose, was when the fandom-girls-with-webpages era was at its peak.

  In college I spent less and less time hanging out on the same forums these people hung out on, I gave up all my stupid fanlistings because they were so damn pointless and time consuming, and I spent less time poking at other people's websites and fiddling with my own and more time reading fic and blogs.

  So now, here I am, going through my links and looking for inspiration, trying to see what the new thing is these days, and... there's nothing. All of these websites (the ones still up anyways) haven't been updated since 2007, 2008, 2009.

  I wandered over to (10 years old? Seriously? Wow, way to make me feel OLD) to see if those people were still around; they are. Lots of webpages with hipster domain names still around, layout styles don't seem to have changed much since I was in college, which is kinda weird considering how fast the "fashion" changed in the past.

  Okay, so the fanlistings people are still around, but shit, what about the rest of the internet? I don't know. I guess it's out there, but I can't find it. I love blogs and all, but it's so weird to see that the "website collective" trend has apparently been completely wiped out except for fanlistings.

  On a related note? I'm glad to see that the girl from is still around! She had one of my favorite collectives back in the day, with actual good content. You go, girl. Keep on webpagin'.
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go go go

  So Spring Break is here and I don't plan to waste it. I wasted Winter Break because I had just finished school and I figured to hell with it, I was going to just play WOW and let my brain rest. This week will be different! Yes! I say that, but I've already wasted 3 days just kinda cleaning here and there and doing a lot of sleeping. I have 7 days left and I don't intend to waste them! There are so many projects I've had on the back burner and now I'm going to get them over with so I can move on! I want to play WOW, but you know, I have the rest of my life to play WOW. So sorry to my WOW buds, I may be making few appearances this week.

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  Lotsa things happening recently. I got a new car (see post below... @___@), started a new job this week... I want to write more but haven't had the time. At the new job I now work 7:30-3:30, PLUS it's located about 45 minutes away as opposed to the previous 10-15. It's nice to get off so early but I haven't been able to enjoy it. On top of that I've been carpooling with my mom since she works kinda nearby and thus have been waking up at 5am. I've been so tired all week even though I've been getting the usual amount of sleep. I just took a four hour nap when I got home from work today and I still feel exhausted. *weep* I'm guessing this is what jet lag feels like. I hope my body adjusts to this new schedule soon because it's making life suck.
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So that happened.

  Hey everyone! Well my life has been pretty -- I'm not sure if exciting is really the word for it -- lately.

  My friend from college, Josh, got married yesterday. He got married on a cruise ship, which is pretty cool. What's even cooler is that he invited his wedding guests to come along with him on the cruise! My boyfriend, Keith, and I were really down with this, as well as our roommate John (who was Josh's roommate in college) and his girlfriend. So we have been excited about this for months, and I was getting pretty pumped this last week.

  Long story short, on our way to Tampa on Friday, another driver tried to merge into us, and my boyfriend swerved and over-corrected. My car went into the median, back across the road again, and into a ditch, where it rolled about three to four times. It was pretty much the worst experience of my life. For real. No typical over-exaggeration there. The car landed back on its wheels and I got treated with the terrifying view of my boyfriend slumped over towards me, unconscious.

  My car is completely totaled. John, who was in the backseat, was 99% fine, wasn't taken to the hospital, and got to continue on to Tampa to get on the cruise. They made me go to the hospital and get lots of tests, but despite a lot of cuts and bruises and a good thump on my head, I am okay and got discharged quickly. Keith, on the other hand, has a fracture in his neck. He can move every part of his body, is alert and talking, but he is currently in ICU. Needless to say, Keith and I did not get to go on the cruise.

  In the past few days, I've had so many people -- emergency responders, hospital workers, friends and family -- tell me that we are all so lucky to be alive. And it's true. The top half of my car was pretty much completely crushed in. We were all wearing our seatbelts.

  I'm going to use my vacation time to rest and recuperate, and to take care of Keith, if he ever comes home. He will most likely be wearing a neck brace for the next few months. While I'm pretty depressed over the injured dude, the complete loss of my beloved car, and missing out on the non-refundable cruise, not dying in a horrible car crash has shifted my outlook a little. I'm probably not going to zoom off to work on the great American novel -- yeah, I'm probably going to use my week just to super clean the house and play a lot of WOW -- but I'm definitely really happy to be alive.

  To everyone on my friends list -- I love you all. Please always wear your seatbelts and drive safely. Always check and double-check your blind spots, and don't be in a hurry.
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Florida is a place that sucks; it is not sucking now so shut up.

Glancing up at the news while at the gym this morning, I realized that it was Groundhog Day. Groundhog Day has to be one of the stupidest holidays to ever make it on the calendar. Just sayin'. On that note, however, I have a rant.

In Florida, our winter is very short, usually late December - early Februaryish, longer if we're lucky. It also isn't one solid block of cold weather -- that comes in spurts as cold fronts move south. So a Florida winter is like, warm, warmer, hot, rainy and shitty, really cold, cold, warm, warmer, hot, rainy and shitty... over and over and over. Everytime it starts to warm up I get depressed that winter might finally be on its way out, and so I get all excited when I hear it's going to rain again.

Things I love about winter:

- Starting around November, I can finally open up the windows and air out the house! After being shut up for 10 months, this is one of my favorite things about LIFE. No kidding.

- Second favorite thing about winter: I get to eat outside in my car during my lunch breaks. This 30 minutes of heavenly peace and quiet is the best part of my day. During non-winter, I have to eat inside, and since we have no break room, I have to eat in a student common area which is filled with noisy teens and sometimes dogs (because people have no shame). When I eat in my car, I have 30 minutes of blessed silence, watching clouds, reading a book, and maybe even a quick catnap in the sun if I have time. It's slowly but surely getting to the point that it's almost too warm to be out in my car at lunch, and it's making me super depressio.

- Robins and other migrating birds that we don't normally see come down from the north. I love seeing robins on people's lawns.

- No sweating every time I even think about going outside = less showers.

- Electricity bill goes down by leaps and bounds!

- I don't have to mow the lawn.

- I can eat soup! And hot chocolate! More soup! And soup and soup and soup!

Things I hate about winter:

- People who try to rain on my parade. I look forward to winter all year long, dream about it when I'm already sweating in April and dying of heatstroke just trying to go to the grocery store in July. And yet all people do is bitch, bitch, bitch. WHY ARE YOU BITCHING. The weather is beautiful! Can you not handle 40-70 degree weather?

The weird thing is that it's almost always people who have transplanted from the North that bitch. No offense to my Northern friends, but it's true. If you say, "Isn't it nice outside today! I love winter!" they gripe that IF YOU LIVED IN THE NORTH YOU WOULDN'T LIKE THE WINTER IF YOU HAD TO SHOVEL YOUR CAR OUT OF SNOW. And yet they are the same people who bitch about how cold it is when it's 50 degrees outside and say they can't wait for it to warm up and winter to be over.

I just want to be like... DON'T WISH THAT! Are you serious? You can't wait to sweat constantly, to have $400 electric bills, to have to mow your lawn every goddamn weekend in that terrible heat? You LIKE being holed up your house for ten months, breathing in your own recycled food smells and farts and whatever else over and over and over?

I think it's just that they've moved down to Florida and expect it to be this magical 75 degree paradise where it never rains (you are in the wrong state for that, guys) and the palm trees are tall and majestic and not short and squat and trashy-looking and filled with palmetto bugs. And if it ever goes above or below that magic temperature that they've hear so much about -- which is always -- they are cranky.Grow a pair and enjoy the "nippy" Florida winter, because it's the ONLY Florida weather that is good. RAWR.