I Came, I Saw, I Bitched About It

2 April 1985

Cave Amandam: Beware of Amanda

Cue semi-pretentious-sounding bio...

I'm Amanda, That Albatross, Melime, Elawynn, or Ehrzuli, depending on what site I'm on and which account names were already taken.

I live in Florida (east central), which I'm not too enthusiastic about. I aim to flee north and westwards when I am able. I have my B.A.s in Anthropology (minor Classics) and English Lit (minor History) and my Masters in Library Science. Despite this, I still have absolutely no idea what I'm doing with my life, and like most people in my generation, I've discovered that the degrees really don't do much.

I like music and geeky stuff. I'm a casual WOW, Guild Wars, and SWTOR player (mostly WOW, let's be honest), a Tolkien nerd, a Harry Potter fan, and a original trilogy Star Wars dork (I want an X-Wing), and I was raised on Star Trek. My favorite movie of all time is Jurassic Park. I'm also a big fan of Age of Sail stuff and historical costumes. I'm into web design. My secret vice is slash, and I have a pretty bad addiction to fanfiction. I love reading books, but often find that I don't have much time for it (I blame WOW).

I am an aspiring artist and writer, but unfortunately I don't have any great talent. I have several friends who amaze me with their skills, and I look up to them.

I have a strong imagination, and I'm always daydreaming and using it to escape the daily routine. My imagination and I are good friends. Some would say we're too close, but I'll hear none of that.


NAME: Amanda
GENDER: Female
RACE: Amandianian
CLASS: Galactic Dictator
ALIGNMENT: Perpendicular


> Craft: Term Paper
> Craft: Webpage
> Fangirl
> Hide
> Knowledge: Star Wars
> Procrastinate


> Blind Winking Spiders
> Charm Citrusfish
> Detect Bass
> Magic Missile
> Mordenkainen's Box-Shaped Cat
> Power Word: "Smite"
> Protection from Emo, 10' Radius
> Resist Football
> Summon Gackt
> Vocalize


> Big Hat, It's Funny
> Boots of Speed
> Bracers of Bitchslapping +2
> Harrison's Hotpants, Extended Dance Version
> Shirt of Smiting +3


> Throwing Knives +3
    with +5 against Stupidity


> Action Figures
> BL Manga
> Bollywood Music
> Chapstick
> Cookies
> Nettuno-Slaying Knife +9
> Sour Cream Gun +1


I love making friends on LJ; I've met some really great and interesting people through random friendification. You are more than welcome to friend me. Please just... comment somewhere and introduce yourself, and I will happily friend you back. Otherwise, I will be all "who is this person who has apparently friended me??" and never friend you back, because it's kind of weird for people to just randomly pop up as being my friend. I understand being shy, and I have a lot of trouble commenting on people's LJs, too, but just... please, say hi or something first? Thanks!

This is where the Amanda lives!

Please note that these haven't been updated in FOREVER thanks to GRAD SCHOOl. :(

> alassea.net - website thing.
> innovation & melime_icons - iconses.
> links - these are a few of my favorite things.

Attempt the hell to communicate

> alasseanet [at] yahoo [dot] com - email address
> Ehrzuli of Alt Factory - on WOW, Wyrmrest Accord US (Alliance)
> Ghada Aurelien of Truly Epic Fail - on Guild Wars